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The Sonoco Institute was created to exploit the synergies that exist between the graphic communications and packaging science departments. It is the only university program in the country with this one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary approach to packaging as a core competency.

Advanced Color Management Practices

This workshop provides hands-on activities and a structured learning environment to explore advanced concepts in color management and graphic workflow. Customers and creative directors are constantly pushing the package printing supply chain to manage complex graphics involving:

  • Advanced screening of spot colors and combination printing
  • Expanded color gamut
  • N-color image separations
  • 100% contract color accurate proofing

This workshop addresses the above topics through hands-on activities in design, prepress, ink formulation, and the pressroom, accompanied with presentations and discussion.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Creating, integrating, and communicating advanced brand and spot color standards
  • Understanding practices and challenges of integrating spot and process color for 100% contract proofing
  • Opportunities and challenges of n-color image separations, workflow, and proofing
  • Building brand and spot colors and expanding chroma in images with expanded color gamut printing
  • Steps for implementation of advanced color management and quality process control


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