The Sonoco Institute

The Sonoco Institute was created to exploit the synergies that exist between the graphic communications and packaging science departments. It is the only university program in the country with this one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary approach to packaging as a core competency.

Klöckner Pentaplast Eyetracking Study

Different packaging options can make an enormous difference to the bottom line, both through manufacturing costs and influencing a customer’s point of sale decision. A study for Klöckner Pentaplast of America Inc. was conducted in the CUshop™, a recreation of a shopping environment, to examine the differences in how customers shop for products when they have the option for either a clamshell package or a printed paperboard box.

To accomplish this, 68 participants wore eyetracking glasses and shopped for several products. Three different products were present in both a clamshell and box variety (electric toothbrush, men’s razor, and air freshener) and were placed amongst many other products in the CUshop™. Participants selected which product they would purchase if they were shopping as they normally would with a provided shopping list. During this process, their eye movements were recorded at a rate of 30 times per second. These eye movements were used to corroborate the results and provide insights on why participants purchased the item they did.

Results indicated a strong purchase preference for clamshells over boxes, with more than 400% more purchases being received for clamshells. Eye movement metrics supported this result, with clamshells being looked at faster, more frequently, and for longer periods of time. Statistical evidence shows that there is a strong correlation between fixation duration and purchase decision, and thus longer fixations on clamshell packages show that they are a more attractive packaging option to consumers.

For the full methology and results of this study, download the white paper below:

Click here for a downloadable PDF white paper of the study.