The Sonoco Institute

The Sonoco Institute was created to exploit the synergies that exist between the graphic communications and packaging science departments. It is the only university program in the country with this one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary approach to packaging as a core competency.



Departments at Clemson University engage with the Sonoco Institute laboratory and faculty resources to instruct courses that integrate with the packaging industry and profession. Fall semester 2009 allowed more than 200 undergraduate and graduate students from multiple departments including graphic communications, packaging science, art and architecture.

Courses currently being hosted full-time at the Sonoco Institute include:

  • GC 103: Graphic Communications I for Packaging Science
  • GC 406: Package and Specialty Printing Laboratory
  • GC 446: Inks and Substrates
  • GC 480: Senior Seminar in Graphic Communications
  • PKGSC 102: Introduction to Packaging Science
  • PKGSC 220: Package Drawing and CAD
  • PKGSC 320: Package Design Fundamentals
  • CI: Entrepreneurial Design

Courses currently engaged part-time at the Sonoco Institute include:

  • GC 102: Computer Art and CAD Fundamentals
  • GC 444: Current Developments in Graphic Communications
  • PKGSC 420: Package Design and Development

Student Projects

Coming soon — representations of various student projects and award-winning samples available online!

Degrees Offered at Clemson University Related to Packaging

Use the links below to learn about various packaging-related degrees available at Clemson University.